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Welcome to Sonja's Hangar. There's not much here right now, but as I reventure into the world of Aviation and Simulation I'll build up the site and add content.
For now you can wander on over to the Gallery.

I ALMOST have MSFS2020 fully installed and calibrated. Just finishes getting all my AI packages installed, got all my add-ons, settling
in on the "array" of ancillary apps I want to run (littlenavmap, RealTraffic, datalink, AirManager, REX Weather Force, FSUIPC and a
couple of other little apps). I'm new to overclocking, trying to squeeze out a bit more performance on the beast pc. Right now I'm
just trying to find the balance between OC and Temp. Just about dialed in. I may have to set up some auxiliary cooling. My workshop
tends to get warm in the summers, the A/C unit is a bit small for the space.

I am working on a couple of G1000 panels, replacing my AP panel with a knob and LED panel, a "six pack" panel and a couple of GNS430's. If the 430's work
well I'll do a GNS530 upgrade. I printed out the Sidekick AddOn for the Honeycomb Bravo and sourced the electronics on Amazon. Then I just have to paint and mount.
I MAY work on a multi-color remix suitable for an MMU or Mosaic Palette or other mulkti-extruder 3D printer. Just depends on time available.

I will document as much of my adventure here including source links, parts and some intsructions. And of course plenty of photos for the gallery!

Laters for now!

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